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4CH Hd Cameras

The 4ch hd cameras are the latest and most advanced security system with a ". 4" appended to their name. They offer a super high definition camera quality with a high video throughput rate of up to 1400 global video frames/minute. The kit includes four cameras with a vtx1300 processor, a t3 3000 nathan card, and a t6 satellite phone.

8CH /4CH 1080P HD DVR + CCTV Cameras Wireless/Wired Home Sec
ANNKE HD 6MP POE 4CH NVR 2MP 1080P IR Security Camera System

Top 4CH Hd Cameras Comparison

This 4ch hd camera kit includes four hd cameras (4ch, 4dc, 4lk, 4pv) that can be attached to a vehicle to provide security footage, if desired. The system includes an hd dome dvr and the ability to control the cameras with phone or computer control.
this 4ch hd camera system is the perfect solution for anyone that wants to monitor their home security and cctv cameras. This system has 8ch and 4ch ports so you can connect any number of cameras to this with no problem. The camera channels can be evening, daytime, or night time so you can set up a secure and realistic camera system that is sure to be 24/7 monitored. The system also has wireless technology so you can keep your camera system safe and secure from interference. The system also has an built in microphone for monitoring and sound quality is high quality.
the 4ch hd cameras are perfect for security purposes. They have an 8ch transmission bandwidth and can record in 3. 2g and 2. 4g modes as well as 1080p. They are also equipped with 1tb hard drive for storage, making them easy to connect and use.